About Harstad Strategic Research




At Harstad Strategic Research we excel at crafting strategy to help our clients achieve their goals.  Led by Paul Harstad, Andrew Maxfield, and Shawn Bird, we at Harstad Research believe every project is unique.  We work in close collaboration with our clients and their teams to produce creative and insightful research.  It is the combination of our working partnerships and innovative approach that produces actionable strategies and winning campaigns. 

It is not by accident that we have won 52 of our last 59 statewide general elections for U.S. senator, governor, and president in key Battleground states.  Our record includes winning 15 of our last 16 statewide referenda campaigns.  Harstad Research has been named a Pollster of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants and won two ARF David Ogilvy Gold Medal Awards in the Government + Non-Profit Category for our work on the Obama campaigns.

Clients at Harstad Strategic Research succeed because of our:

Located at 5450 feet, in Boulder, Colorado, Harstad Strategic Research is a mile ahead of the competition not only in altitude, but also in vision, strategy, and quality.