Strategic Research has conducted over 100 surveys and focus groups for educational institutions, including opinion research among voters, school parents, teachers, and other education employees.  Besides polling for a wide variety of education clients, we have surveyed for more state education associations than any other pollster in the nation.

Starting with the electorate’s overall impressions of public schools, our research has focused heavily upon improving and supporting public education, specific education reforms, various methods of additional financing for public education, an array of school investments that might merit support, and the best pros and cons on more funding for public schools.

Other surveys of ours have centered around teacher training, bilingual education, prospective referenda issues, and perceived strengths and weaknesses of public schools.   Another aspect of our surveys and focus groups has been public attitudes toward career preparation, technical training, and preparing the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

Of our wins in referenda campaigns, six have successfully protected or provided education funding, four were on a statewide basis.  The other two education wins were for school bond issues in districts where prior bonds had failed.

And we have conducted landmark segmentation or cluster analysis among voters, parents, and educators along with multiple correspondence analysis (akin to political mapping) to shed fresh insight into distinct clusters within these populations.

Some of our clients in the education arena over the years include: