Harstad Strategic Research has conducted dozens of surveys and focus groups on climate change, the environment, and growth issues in more than a dozen states across the U.S., from Florida to Washington and from Pennsylvania to Colorado.

Our opinion research in this field seeks to “see the forest and not just the trees” in more ways than one.  We put a special emphasis on starting with voters’ broad perspective in terms of overall priorities, followed by perceived threats among a variety of environmental and growth problems, credibility of various actors in the field, perceived efficacy or acceptability of various solutions, and then willingness to invest tax money or make minor trade-offs to facilitate remedies.

In the growth arena, we have conducted numerous surveys and focus groups on growth, sprawl, and development.  This includes landmark regional research on attitudes toward growth, including segmentation analysis of various attitudinal clusters of voters based on their willingness to support a range of steps to limit growth.  Accompanied by multiple correspondence analysis (akin to political mapping) and CHAID analysis, our advanced statistical research produced fresh insight to how voters grapple with issues of growth and sprawl.

Some of the clients for whom we have conducted research in the past decade include: